Re-Opening August 9, 2021 – How To (Re)Start


Hello Lotus Family!

We are ready to re-open in our new facility in Liberty Village at 17 Atlantic Avenue! Please read below for instructions on how to (re)start training with us.

The Covid-19 pandemic created an opportunity for everyone, including us, to re-think everything. So not only are we in a fresh new space, BUT we have changed gym membership/class scheduling systems from Mindbody to a fresh, new, and modern system called PushPress. In starting fresh, after a nearly 1.5 year hiatus, here’s what you need to do to setup your accounts:

Please Be Patient!

We are both rusty (after a year and a half off!) and navigating new territory (new location, new systems, emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic) and ask for your patience and understanding as we relaunch both our physical gym but also our online systems.

Vaccination Requirement

After 1.5 years of being unable to open, and multiple indoor fitness/gym facilities causing superspreader events across Canada (including in the GTA), we have decided to require all instructors and members/participants to have received two vaccinations of Health Canada approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, or Astrazeneca) prior to participating. Members will have to attest to their vaccination status prior to entry. Muay Thai is an extremely close quarters activity, with padwork, clinching, and sparring, therefore, unlike outdoor fitness or solo-sport activities, this level of protection is required to keep our staff and members safe and healthy. Furthermore, as a business that has been mandated closed for almost 1.5 years, we simply cannot afford to cause a Covid-19 outbreak and be required to close for even one day.

Brand New, Or No Active Memberships

Easy! Just sign up yourself.

Previous Gold or Silver Members (Active in Summer 2020)

Please sign up for a new Gold or Silver Autopay(recurring) membership. If you had re-activated your membership in the summer of 2020 (during the brief period we were re-open), you may have some day(s) remaining on your last autopay charge and we will apply a pro-rated refund to your first month to square up. If you also were on a grandfathered rate, we will adjust your monthly Autopay accordingly. To request the pro-rated refund (if applicable) and/or rate adjustment, after signing up again, please send an email to requesting the reconciliation and adjustment. Sign Up Now

Previous Class Pass Holders

If you had a balance from a 10,20 or 30 class pass, we have already issued you an invitation to setup a login on PushPress via email, and your account has already been topped up with those remaining class passes you had on or after March 15, 2020. We’ve given everyone a fresh 1 year expiration date (From August 1, 2021) on these passes, so please use them in time (we won’t grant further extensions).

Login to the Member Portal Here

If you can’t use them anymore, please write into us at and direct us to gift these passes to a friend or family member (we just need their name and email address!)

Previous New Member Promo Holders (Summer 2020 Only)

A very small number (less than 2 or 3 people) signed up for the New Member Promo ($99) during our brief re-opening in Summer 2020. If you were unable to get in to use them and claim your gloves, please email us at with the email address you signed up with, and we’ll check our sales register to verify you are owed gloves and classes.

Personal Training Credits

If you had a remaining balance of unused Personal Training sessions you had pre-paid for, prior to March 2020, please write in to with the email address you used to sign up for them, and after we check our sales register to verify the balance, we will re-instate the personal training credits and give you a full year (from August 1, 2021) to utilize them.


Khob Khun Ka! (Thank You!)

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Lotus Fitness and Thai Boxing is located at 17 Atlantic Avenue, in the Liberty Village neighbourhood of Downtown Toronto. We deliver an Intense Workout, with Authentic Muay Thai Instructors, in a Welcoming Environment.

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