Fundamentals” lets us focus on the basic techniques of Muay Thai. Everyone, including experienced practioners, benefit from this! This class is also perfect for new members who have little or no familiarity with Muay Thai, and/or no experience holding Thai pads for other training partners.

Intermediate” is a 1.5 hour class for Muay Thai practitioners who want to go beyond the basics. To join this class you should be able to complete a Beginner’s class with no breaks, finish all rep counts fully, confidently hold for all Muay Thai strikes on the pad for a partner and know the fundamentals of how to throw all Muay Thai strikes. Please check with an instructor to see if you are ready for Intermediate classes!

Experienced” is a 1.5 hour class for members who have trained in Muay Thai for a long time, have fight experience or have passed grading at Lotus (or have your Blue Shorts equivalent).

Open Gym Time: Experienced members are welcome to book into Beginner classes and may do independent training during the class time.

Additional Class Types: Some classes, such as our Intro to Sparring, or Sparring Classes, require permission to attend. Please speak to an instructor first before booking.