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Welcome to Lotus Fitness and Thai Boxing

We’re not a gym, or a workout. We’re a community of people from a wide range of backgrounds who are all passionate about the benefits of practicing Muay Thai, and we welcome you to join our family.

Whether you’re looking to start exercising to get in shape, or maybe you want to go beyond “cardio kickboxing” classes and level up, or you dream of getting in a Muay Thai ring, we can help you achieve your goals.

Lotus Queen West Kickboxing Students

An Intense Workout

High intensity, challenging, killer workouts that make you sweat. Our members push harder with the support of our instructors and our community.

With Authentic Muay Thai Instructors

Our instructors have decades of combined experience both in the gym and in the ring. No “cardio kickboxing fitness instructors” here.

In A Welcoming Environment

Inclusive, positive, and welcoming. That’s how our members in our diverse community describe the vibe. We train in a clean, brightly lit and inspiring facility. And we’re easy to get to by car, bike, foot, TTC, or even Go Train!

New Member Promo – Gloves, Handwraps, 3-Class Pass – $115

Calling all beginners!

To make it easy and affordable to give Muay Thai a try, our New Member Promo provides you with your own brand new pair of Kimurawear boxing gloves, handwraps, and a 3-Class Pass (to be used in 3 weeks) to get a feel for our gym and the sport of Muay Thai.

Classes marked as “Beginners” are first-time visitor, no experience needed friendly.

New Member Promo – Sign Up Now!
kickboxing Gloves and Handwraps Kimurawear

Reviews and Testimonials

40+ Five-Star Reviews on Google
5.0 Rating on Facebook
100+ Reviews on Mindbody

I was really out of shape when I started… Now my fitness has improved a lot, and I’m starting to enjoy the sport of Muay Thai! I highly recommend this gym for anybody looking to get in shape in a positive, inclusive environment.

– Sarah S.

“It’s an incredible gym where I learn soooo much every time I come. I love the wisdom of real authentic Muay Thai that the trainers offer.”

– Stephen H.

After a hard day’s work you can always depend on Lotus to kick your butt and get that blood pumping! I love the community here and the staff make an effort to remember you and make you part of the family.

– Christina L.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Whether you’re just looking to get in better shape, move beyond “cardio kickboxing” and train like a fighter, or maybe you have a dream of entering a ring one day, we make Muay Thai accessible to everyone!

Personal Training

1-on-1 sessions with our trainers are available, whether you want personalized help to get you to your fitness goals, or want our highly skilled coaches helping you perfect your Muay Thai technique.

Kids’ Programs

Thinking about Martial Arts for your kids? Make it Muay Thai, the traditional “Art of Eight Limbs” from Thailand. Muay Thai is best known for creating physical strength, conditioning, confidence and focus.


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Tuesday/Thursday AM Classes at 6:30AM
Monday and Wednesday 12 Noon Class
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