First time at Lotus Fitness and Thai Boxing? Don’t stress, we know it can be intimidating coming to a new gym. Follow these helpful tips to make your first experience an amazing one! Contact us if you have any questions too.

Fruit and Yogurt


Eating: Do eat a small, healthy snack about 1-2 hours before your class – something easily digestible, such as a small smoothie, or some fruit with some carbohydrates. Make sure you’re hydrated. DON’T eat a huge meal before your class.

Bring: Workout clothing (shorts or tights are best for kicking), a towel, and a water bottle. Muay Thai is done barefoot, therefore you don’t need running or indoor shoes.

Prepare: Muay Thai is partner-based training, therefore hygiene is really important! Do come fresh and clean,and make sure your nails (especially your toenails) are trimmed or else you may cut your training partner. DON’T come if you are sick!



TTC – 29 Dufferin stops right outside our door at 450 Dufferin.

PARKING – If you are driving, we have a limited number of parking spots in the rear of our building, off of Alma Ave. Otherwise there is limited free street parking on Dufferin (look for rush-hour restrictions though)

BIKING – No bike posts yet, however there are spots to lock up to on Alma Ave.

ENTRANCE – Our front entrance is off of Dufferin on the North end of the building.

Lotus 450 Dufferin Street Toronto
Signing E-Waiver


FIRST TIME? 30 MINUTES EARLY – If this is your first time, please come 30 minutes early before the start of your class so we can have you sign our e-waiver, give you a quick tour of the facility, and if you’re new to Muay Thai, we can give you a personalized introduction to the basics of the art, so you can flow into our Fundamentals class.

Save Time: Sign our E-Waiver Here!

We regret that if a first timer comes too close to the start of their Fundamentals class, for the safety of the first timer and their training partners, we reserve the right to ask you to sit out that first class and come another day. 🙁


HANDWRAPS – You’ll need to wrap your hands before class starts. Our staff will teach you how (another reason why we need first timers coming early!) YouTube also has a ton of tutorials (with variations).

BE SAFE – If you have an pre-existing injury that may affect things, tell your instructor. If you feel discomfort during class, tell your instructor and stop. If you feel uncertain about any of the exercises, likewise, don’t do it, and tell your instructor about your concerns.

HAVE FUN – If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard, or something’s wrong. Let your instructor know. We want you to leave your class with a huge grin on your face. 🙂